Know Liquor


1.Dry Days

a) In the State of Kerala on the following days all the liquor-vending outlets (Retails, Bars, Clubs etc) have to be kept compulsorily closed.

1)      Gandhi Jayanthi

2)      Commemoration Day of Mahatma Gandhi

3)      Samadhi day of Sree Narayana Guru

4)      Birth Day of Sree Narayana Guru

b) On the 1st of every English Calendar Month the liquor-vending units have to be kept closed as per administrative instruction of Government.

c) In all areas of election the liquor vending licenses have to be kept closed on the day of polling and previous day. During counting the liquor licenses have to be closed as per the notification of local authority.

The above dates and days are the 'Dry Days' in enforcing the Abkari Act in Kerala.

2. a) Do's

1)      Always buy liquor from an authorized liquor shop.

2)      The Consumers buying liquor from an authorized liquor shop must positively ensure the presence of Holographic Security Labels in the bottle caps.

3)      Always check the seal of the bottle before purchasing.

4)      While purchasing liquor from the shop always insist on cash-memo (bill)

5)      Do remember to obtain cash balance if any due before leaving the counter.

b) Don'ts:

1)      Do not pay more than the prescribed price or MRP printed on the bottle or duly exhibited on the Notice Board.

2)      In Kerala the permissible quantity of liquor that can be possessed and carried is 3 litres of Indian Made Foreign Liquor, 3.5 litres of Beer, 3.5 litres of Wine.

3)      Do not buy liquor from illegal shops or sources.

4)      If you are under 18 years, you are strictly prohibited from purchasing liquor.

5)      Liquor marked as for Army Canteen supply is exclusively meant for army personnel and not for general public